Wooden Ten Frame with Counting Pieces

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Gladfolk - Wooden Ten Frame with Counting Pieces

For developing a strong number sense, practicing addition, subtraction, and familiarizing little ones with the base 10 system - look no further than our strong and sturdy wooden ten frame! Featuring a beautiful, thick, rectangular board with squares in a 5x2 pattern and a set of 10 small wooden counting pieces for endless hands-on mathematics practice.

Inspired by Montessori materials and modern mathematic curriculum, we created this tactile, durable activity to make learning and numeracy a little more fun and a whole lot more beautiful.

The ten frame board is made of solid maple wood, and the coordinating counting pieces are lightweight circles in a lovely contrasting walnut wood type. Made of durable, natural materials and easy for little ones to maneuver, grasp, count, and explore as they learn and play. The 10 counting pieces come in a lovely little cloth drawstring bag for safekeeping and sustainable, eco-friendly storage.

Each board measures approximately 10" wide x 4" tall and 0.625" thick. Round counting pieces are approximately 1.25" in diameter.