The Safari Edition


The Safari Edition includes a set of 15 flashcards displaying most animals that you would expect to see while on safari or at the zoo!

We couldn’t name one person that didn’t have fond memories of letting their imagination run wild while reading books about wild animals, so we thought it would be a great idea to create these cards so that you can do the same for your little ones, all whilst on the go. There is nothing better to awaken their sense of adventure than by inviting them to learn about what amazing animals this world has to offer. These can be used firstly to help them identify the animals by their visual features & associated sounds. A fun activity to do at home is to lay the cards out and test their skills by asking them to point out the animals one by one. Or alternatively, these cards could even be taken along to the zoo, you can show them the imagery/words and then remove the card and ask them to identify the animals in real life! As they become more familiar, they will begin to strengthen the connection between the imagery and the spoken word. These cards also encourage them to develop an understanding of the written words which will eventually transfer into their writing and spelling. Learning about wild animals is an amazing experience for children, as they observe a world much different to our everyday lives. They get to look from the outside in at a place where the animals build their own homes, eat weird and wonderful things to survive, and have superpowers (flying, super speed, climbing & digging) which kids love to fantasize about. Let the safari adventure begin!

The Details

  • Each card is A6 size 105mm x 148mm nice and large for your child to see and hold.

  • Australian made and professionally printed on 400gsm card stock with a premium matte finish on the back and a premium glossy finish on the front for durability.

  • Protected by a frosted reusable durable zip bag that is water-resistant, perfect to throw in the nappy bag to help keep the kids entertained while on the go.

  • Each card features rounded corners for safety purposes.

  • There are 15 cards in each pack.

  • Every individual card is designed by me for your little genius. Please use these to educate, engage, and interact with your little one/s! 😊