Love Was Inside


Love Was Inside Written by Andrew Joyner

From a #1 New York Times bestselling illustrator come a picture book to celebrate and remember the days we spent inside—the joys and the hardships, the bravery and the resilience, but most of all the love.

Inspired by kids who found ways to stay connected to the people they love during the pandemic, comes a book about what an imaginative, curious and loving little girl did when her world was turned inside out.
The girl played inside, she learned inside, she waited inside. She talked on the phone to her Nan inside. Her days and nights were all inside, and she would think about what she missed outside--the running, cheering, splashing, hugging and of course her Nan.
Finally when the girl could go outside, she was happy to be there--to hug her Nan, see her friends and even climb a tree, but she had changed inside and she knew she would always remember the small things and the big things that made that time special.

Here is a picture book that will help young children remember, process and resolve the feelings they had during the pandemic. Includes prompts to encourage readers to write their own insidestories.